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Jun 2019

The System of Communication Between Us – The Archive

What our donations are funding – May 2019


  • International University for Online Studies
  • For the first time, this week an online study system was launched in Hebrew –
  • An online learning system was launched in Spanish – Centro De Estudios
  • An online learning system in English was upgraded – kabU
  • An online learning system in Russian was upgraded – MAK
  • Planning for the future –
  • Building a single application for the entire world Kli and for all our student circles throughout the world, one place in which all of the services of the organization and tools for mass dissemination will be.
  • Upgrading all of our sites in different languages
  • Upgrading our learning systems
  • Upgrading the infrastructure and technology of the virtual community


  • We have added an interface in Italian, Turkish, German and Ukrainian
  • We have added the publications of Dr. Laitman from Twitter, Facebook, and the personal blog
  • The library continues to add new translations of the sources in English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Romanian, and Polish
  • We have established a huge section that includes a tree of themes according to the content of worlds. This section serves every maker of content in the world Kli. In the future, this section will be a home for the content of every person.
  • We have improved the search engine – and are continuing to improve even more – and we have also upgraded the way that the search results are presented
  • We have improved all of the filter options – today you can filter content according to dates, sources, topics, and collections.
  • We have put up a new view on the homepage of the latest content that has come to the site
  • We have updated and arranged all of the conventions and all of the festivals since 2003
  • We have established a large team that is writing titles and descriptions in Russian for all of the programs
  • We have established a team that is transcribing and arranging all of the Morning Lessons in Russian
  • We will soon reformat the Daily Lesson page

As you can see, we are working around the clock on the next version of the site, where the main goal is to make our content accessible in an interesting and appropriate way for all audiences. We are happy to receive ideas for improvement. Please send us feedback using the rose-colored button on the “Kabbalah Media” website.

Technological Improvements:

  • We have built a new system for connecting the groups to the Morning Lesson. We have essentially improved the possibility for an interactive connection of all the groups in the world and have upgraded the system for connecting virtual groups, including mobile support
  • We added four more translation languages for all of our events – Hindi, Persian, Amharic, and Chinese – Wow! We broadcast in 27 languages today!
  • We are upgrading the broadcasting system with new technology to provide better quality and support for mobile devices and various other platforms
  • We have upgraded the quality of the files in the archive and the broadcast in Sviva Tova to HD
  • We have added backups of the archives in France, Petrograd, and Canada

The maintenance and upgrade of systems – an annual cost of $200,000

  • Various internet services
  • Software licenses
  • Communication lines and services
  • Servers in Israel, Europe and America
  • Upgrading the infrastructure
  • Computer maintenance

Content Production

  • Content people
  • Video editors
  • Audio editors
  • Studio operations – production, photographers, sound people