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May 2018

We are all going through these special days!

Dear Friends,

We are all going through these special days! 

The World “Kabbalah for the People” conference in New Jersey has put us on a new level. The conference succeeded in building a cross-continental bridge and days of internal connection without geographical boundaries. In all the thirty-eight mirror conferences and dozens of gatherings around the world, we were able to feel, for quite some time, one vessel - One Kli.

During the conference, we all saw how the "Archive - Our Life Project" is gaining momentum and a strong impetus from all the friends in the world: old and new, young and old, women and men. All of them have enlisted, supported and contributed to the archive.

The archive is not something built as a one-time experience. The archive is a living thing that connects us to all humanity. The archive is the treasure of the wisdom of Kabbalah to man. The idea of spirituality is not yet familiar to people, and we are doing everything in our power to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah by means of the new archive. 

During the three days of the conference, $50,000 was donated to the project from all around the world.

Thanks to you, as of now, we have been able to raise $ 256,306 out of the $1,200,000 required for the project.

Thanks to the generous contributions of us all, in June we will be able to launch the new and comprehensive website:, "Kabbalah Media.” The site will be launched in Hebrew, English and Russian. More languages will be added in due course.

We will keep you updated at every step.

Together we will succeed! 

“The Archive- Our Life Project” team

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